Kingdom Acts Foundation

capacity building initiative

Kingdom Acts Foundation provides education, capacity building, counselling and other support services for immigrants and refugees in need.

Focussing on the marginalized and racialized BIPOC minority communities and the struggles of unemployment, under-employment, housing challenges, mental health problems, food insecurity, and systemic barriers to accessing social services.

The Foundation addresses problems faced by families by providing parents, children, and youth with mentoring programs and workshops on various issues.

KAF’s expanding influence and reach within its target communities meant that there was an increasing need to streamline its social services and make them easily accessible to all stakeholders, including collaborators, service providers, donors, and other relevant agencies. 

By bringing all of its social services under one roof, KAF could create a centralized hub that would provide a range of services and resources to all stakeholders in a more efficient and effective manner.


capacity building initiative

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